Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorry its been a while since we posted anything to the blog, but we'll try to catch it up a bit for our dedicated fan base!
We had a great visit with Cameron, even though we mostly stayed home with Naomi - sorry Cam! After that, we had Bill and Jen over, and went to Arima Onsen, SanNoMia, ArashiYama, and Kyoto twice. Then they went to Tokyo and we all got really sick. Now that we're starting to feel better, hello to all you lovely people out there in internet land!
That doesn't sound like much, but we're wiped out anyway. (In fairness, there have been lots of exciting hospital visits and laser treatments and that sort of fun stuff to keep us from getting bored.) Doug's going to Bill and Jen's wedding soon, and dreading being away from L'Shawn and Naomi as much as L'Shawn's dreading trying to hold it all together by herself. We'll probably update again after that whole fiasco.
We'll post more when we get around to it. BFN -> Doug and L'Shawn

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