Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Naomi-Chan is doing wonderfully! She's gotten really good at squalling and eating and pooping and stuff! (Usually in that order.) So we're seriously busy (and sleep deprived) trying to keep up with her, but she's this miraculous, magical creature at the center of our universe, and she's beautiful to us whatever she's doing.

In other news, you're probably wondering why we decided to change our blog address.

To make a really long story really short, we made a combined email account, and Doug rebuilt our blog on this account. Unfortunately, we also had to change the blog name, but hopefully the new one won't be hard to remember, and once you've bookmarked it, it won't matter what the name is anyway. Oh, and now L'Shawn can make posts without messing about trying to get Doug to do it for her!

From now on, please use our combined email address for emails to us both so we don't have to forward everything to each other all the time. We still have our old email accounts, so you can still email us separately whenever you want.
Posting an email address on a blog is a great way to get on some horrible mailing list, so please email either one of us to get our spiffy new combined email address. Thanx for your help! -> Doug (^^)v

1 comment:

  1. Hi L'Shawn and Doug!
    Thanks for the new pictures! Naomi is so beautiful! I imagine your life is hectic now, but you sound you are having fun taking care of Naomi.
    I emailed L'Shawn last night, but it seems the email didn't reach her soon. So let me write a brief message for her here. I'm sorry but it turned out Yuichiro's cousin needs almost all the baby stuff. I knew that only soon after I emailed L'Shawn. I'm sorry.... But we are still going to Kobe early March, so we are hoping to have a chance to see you all.