Thursday, January 28, 2010

Naomi-Chan is Home!

On Wednesday, we spent 8 hours with Naomi in a little room at the hospital to practice taking care of her. The hospital staff was available the whole time in case we had any questions or problems, and someone came by to check on us every once in a while. So we finally got to bring her home yesterday. (YEAH!)
She's doing really well, and doesn't have to go see the doctor for a month now. She's still sleeping a lot, but stirs every couple of hours to fuss a bit or eat or have a new diaper. Chihiro (our cat) is terrified of her, and won't go anywhere near her yet. But this is for the better, since we don't want either one of them getting over-excited about anything until they both have a chance to adjust to the new situation. Chi-Chan is "de-tweaking" little by little, and Naomi-Chan hasn't even noticed the cat.
Anyway, we're thrilled to finally have our daughter home! It's also nice to not have to go to the hospital every day - that was getting really exhausting, not to mention expensive. And so it begins...
(^^)v -> Doug


  1. Yay!!!! We're so excited to get an update and hear that she is home!!! As always, keep us posted and add as many pics as you want/can! She has great expressions already!! Welcome to your new job, Doug ;)!!

    Will & Jen

  2. Thanks for keeping us all update- we all love the pictures. I know I speak for everyone, we are so proud and happy for you and Shawn and for Naomi. She is so blessed to have you too for parents. Greatma is loving the weekly pictures that I mail her each week. She is a beautiful baby. love you all- grandma Brenda