Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naomi continues to change and is more alert than ever. Today was the longest we have seen her awake and looking around. Today we didn't bathe her, but she drank quite a bit of milk! She stayed awake mostly, but nursing makes her sleepy, so she fell asleep towards the end. After a ten minute nap, she woke up and was awake for about forty-five minutes looking around and fussing a bit. It was a great visit. We can't wait to get her home. We'll post more when anything new comes up. Thanks for the comments. Please keep them coming so we know who visits the blog.
Newsflash! As promised, we asked about the umbilical cord thing. It represents the bond between the mother and baby, and we're meant to dry it out and keep it to give to her when she grows up and gets married. It is also supposed to be able to cure anything. Cool, ne? (^^)v


  1. Hi L'Shawn :)

    This is Yuki from Kaisei college (sophomore). Teacher Mari put this page on her FB and I just saw your babyyyy<33333 omg how sweet!
    I wanna see her <33333

    god bless you and your husband + baby Naomi-chan!! TAKE CARE and We're waiting for you to come back to school :)

    xoxo YUKI

  2. Wow - she's so tiny!!! How cute!!!

    Keep the blog updated with lots of pics please!


  3. Kuma-chan!!

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter "Naomi-chan".
    I'm looking forward to seeing her sometime in the near future.

    Aya from Kaisei hospital