Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm back from the hospital and feeling great! How could I not be - considering the fact that I am the mother of Naomi-Chan (for those of you who don't know Japanese, the suffix "chan" is a diminutive meaning "Little Naomi." It is pronounced with a soft ah sound like "hot").
Have you noticed anything different about our little shining star? That's right! There are no more tubes obstructing her beautiful face. Her nose-tube and her IV were removed today! We were so happy to see her tube free. And that is not all that happened today! We also got to watch the nurse bathe her and clothe her, and the biggest highlight of my day, I got to nurse her for the first time! It was an unforgettable experience. Naomi was much more alert this time, as well. She looked around for a few minutes before the nurse put her in the bath, and after the nurse bathed her, she looked around the room while we put a clean diaper on her and the nurse and Doug clothed her. It was a big day for Naomi-Chan and for her two biggest fans, Doug and me!
Tomorrow, we will do more of the same--practice, practice, practice. We anticipate Naomi's coming home some time next week or the week after that. She is still not quite 2 kilos (4 pounds), and she needs to be at least that before they can release her. We can't wait to bring her home. Keep visiting the blog if you want to see pix of Naomi-Chan, and if you want to know when she is coming home. Doug posted 3 new pix, and we'll post more soon! -> L'Shawn


  1. Welcome home L'Shawn!! We're so excited to hear about all of the progress and the big events! Hope you're recovering well too!!! Love the new pics, she's precious!

    Love, Jen & Will

  2. Thanx! L'Shawn is recovering well, but we're both getting a bit road weary from all the commuting. We hope she'll be home soon!