Friday, January 22, 2010

Naomi-Chan's changing every day - it's amazing! The midwives are teaching us basic parenting skills, so we're practicing stuff like bathing her and changing her diapers under the watchful eyes of the nursing staff. She's more alert every time we see her, but she's still tiny, and gets tired easily. So after all the excitement of having a bath, she has a hard time staying awake to nurse. The midwives presented us with the last bit of her umbilical cord, which fell off today, and we promptly forgot it at the hospital. Hopefully someone will eventually explain the significance of keeping it, 'cause we haven't got a clue... More on that story as it breaks! Anyway, it got late unexpectedly, so I'm out of here - I'll post pix tomorrow or the next day. L'Shawn got some great ones today! -> Doug

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